Saltine Baking Company

Ashley is the talented owner and head baker behind Saltine Baking Company, based out of Regina, SK. She focuses on naturally leavened Sourdough breads and savoury driven pastries, using fresh, local and organic ingredients, when available.

I first discovered Ashley’s delicious Sourdough breads and pastries in 2016. I’m very picky about my breads but her Sourdough breads and pastries are hands down some of the best I’ve ever tasted in my life. Saltine Baking Company’s breads are fresh even after I have had them for a few days; you can still notice that the bread is soft and chewy and it keeps very well. That’s important for a bread snob like myself.

She offers a wide variety of unique flavours of Sourdough loaves. Her usual line-up includes: Three Seed, Parmesan Pepper, Raisin Pecan and Country White. She rotates and does feature loaves as well with flavours including: Spelt with Oats and Honey, 20% Sprouted Rye with Caraway, Hemp Multi-grain, Jalapeno Cheddar Polenta, Country Rye with Sour Cherry & Dark Chocolate, Barley Porridge, Sesame Seed and Polenta, Cranberry & Rosemary.

Ashley makes the most mouthwatering croissants I have ever had; I especially enjoy the Butter croissants and Pickled Chilies & Cheddar croissants. They are so incredibly good, the outside is always crispy and the inside soft and chewy – just the best combination. The Smoked Cheddar & Apple Butter turnovers are out of this world insanely delicious, those two ingredients just go so well together and then the pastry just takes it over the top – sooo good! She also makes, Baguettes, Brioche, Danishes, Focaccia and Scones and they all vary in flavours.

Handmade Croissants

Smoked Cheddar And Apple Butter Turnover

Chorizo Cheddar Brioche

Buttermilk Blue Cheese Scone

Sour Cherry And Black Pepper BaguetteYou can find Saltine Baking Company at the Regina Farmers’ market every Saturday and are able to place a pre-order on the website every Friday starting at 9 am. Trust me you will want to put in a pre-order to save yourself from missing out because Saltine Baking sells out incredibly fast every single time. Also find their products at participating retail locations including: Dad’s Organic Market, Natures Best or Body Fuel Organics.




Saltine Baking Company

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