Nosh Artisan Edibles

Grassfed GummiesNosh Artisan Edibles is a Regina, SK based company run by the amazing Holly. Her signature product is her Grass-fed Gummies.

The Gummies are delicious chewable fruit snacks, that are too healthy to be called candy. They are made with fresh juices, grass-fed beef gelatin and unpasteurized local honey. She offers a wide variety of character shapes and natural flavours including: Grape (my daughter’s favourite), Raspberry, Strawberry, Sour Lemon Lime and seasonal flavours such as Eggnog or Spiced Rum Eggnog.

Grassfed Gummies

Saskatchewan Grassfed Gummies

Nosh Artisan Edibles also sells a variety of other great products such as Frozen Chocolate Dipped Bananas, Avocado Fudgesicle, Raw Strawberry Ropes, Raw Chocolate Chews, Raw Fruit Roll-Ups, Maple Caramel Corn, Handmade Grass-fed Marshmallows or Sponge Toffee.

Their products are all gluten-friendly, dairy-free, and soy-free. I love that I can eat an entire package of Gummies and not feel guilty at all because they are healthy and a great alternative for the kids’ snacks and school lunches.

You can find Holly at the Regina Farmers’ Market every Saturday where she will always be greeting you with a friendly smile while you browse her wide selection of tasty treats! If you can’t make it down to the market, you can also find her products through The Wandering Market – Farm To Folk Buying Cooperative, Flux School Of Human Movement or contact Holly by phone at (639) 999-6674.




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