China Pastry

China Pastry Regina SKChina Pastry is a family owned and operated bakery in Regina, SK. Tony and Sally have been providing the people of Regina with scrumptious baking for over 23 years. Sally manages the store front while Tony does the baking. They specialize in Chinese baking such as Buns, Tarts, Cakes and Cookies.

I have frequented China Pastry many times and have tried all the items on their menu; it’s all very good. Since I’m not a huge fan of overly sweet anything, I really enjoy the fact that their cakes and tarts are not over the top sweet. The available pastries include, but are not limited to; egg tarts, coconut tarts, almond cookies, and cake rolls, which are available in two flavours Vanilla or Coffee. Their egg tarts especially have a nice flaky crust with a creamy silky-smooth filling; they are ridiculously tasty!

Chinese Pastry

They offer a wide variety of Chinese buns which are filled with either savoury or sweet fillings. Flavours include BBQ Pork, Green Onion & Bacon, Curry Beef, Hotdog, Szechuan Vegetables & Pork, Cheese, Pineapple Custard, Red Bean Paste, Plain, Mexican, Cream, Coconut, Coconut Cheese, and Cocktail.

Chinese Buns

All the buns are baked fresh the same day and you can definitely taste that; they are soft and pillowy with delicious fillings. Most of their customers buy a dozen at a time and it’s no wonder considering the great tasting buns sell for an amazing price at only $1.25 each, if you buy a dozen you also get one more free.

China Pastry MenuChina Pastry also does custom cakes for all occasions, typically filled with fruit and custard. You have the option to customize them to your specific needs.

If you have not discovered China Pastry before, they are definitely worth trying out for yourself by visiting their store.

Address: 206 Victoria Ave East

Phone: (306) 525-2999


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