This One Trait Could Be Holding You Back

Being in sales, I interact with a lot of people on a daily basis. Whether it’s customer meetings, business lunches, or conference calls. I spend a lot of time in conversation with various personality types. One trait I’ve noticed that seems to really hold people back is overtalking. Random babble and nervous chatter make you look unconfident and unprepared. People who do this don’t get invited back to meetings and typically don’t close a lot of deals. Why? Because they waste people’s time and derail meetings. Don’t ruin opportunities for yourself by overtalking. Pick up on the subtle signals people are giving you.

Ways to Avoid Nervous Chatter:

1.Make your point. Be clear and concise. Avoid filler words and filler sentences. If they don’t help make your point, they are unnecessary and distracting to the listener.

example: “I was thinking we could go to lunch on the tenth but I know you’re busy with that microsoft project so if that doesn’t work for you I can also do later that week or possibly the next Monday or we could just go somewhere quick and close to your office.”

instead: “Are you available for lunch on the tenth?” 

2.Have patience. Wait for the person to respond. Some people need to think and digest information before responding. Give them the time or you might miss their response by derailing the conversation.

3.Stop repeating yourself and others. Know your place and don’t waste people’s time by making them listen to you drag out a point that someone else in the room already made.

example: “So as Jim said we need to confirm our engineering team’s schedules because we have a lot of projects that just kicked off and availability that week might be limited…but we will just check and see and get back to you on that as soon as possible. I think Jim said he is going to be able to provide that information to me on Wednesday, so I will be able to get it to you Wednesday afternoon – is that what you said Jim?”

instead: “We will check engineer availability and get back to you Wednesday.”

Make your message clear and keep your call to action simple.

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