Stop Giving Away Your Time

I am most positive that time is one of the most valuable resources ever given. I have learned that we spend more time giving to others and not emerging ourselves in self-reflection. As a woman it seems as if we were created to give. Our maternal instinct enforces it. Let’s be real. It is easier to “give” than to “receive”. As entrepreneurs, this shows up with potential clients. We tend to want to push the servant leader in us and do whatever it is to provide assistance no matter how much time it takes us. This shows up in the form of having “verbal” contracts, letting someone continue to use our service without making a monetary payment, or having long coffee meetings to allow someone to pick our brains. In reality what we are telling the world is we do not value our needs, desires, strengths, or time. Now face the truth, you are not respecting your immediate needs of paying your bills, buying groceries, etc. Our biggest desire is to create a life we really want. Value your time and know your worth.

Peter Hamilton said it best,

“If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.”

Stand firm! Stand for yourself. Value your time and self worth!

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