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Living Out Your Dream Is Hard

Living out your dream isn’t always as glamorous as you might think it would be.

Now let me go into further explanation because that can sound a bit harsh. I remember having this conversation when I first felt the conviction to start a business. I was talking to a friend about all the things the Lord was revealing to me and I had all these flashes of the things that I was going to be doing in the future and they all seemed so “glamorous” but then the reality sank in.

How do I get to there when I’m still here?

Meaning, how in the world do you get to that place that you’re dreaming of when you are still at this job you dislike? How do you even begin to climb that ladder when you have no idea where that ladder is? Success isn’t just going to happen over night. Truth be told…success takes a lot of hard work, sacrifice, commitment, struggle, failure, and a whole lot of other things before you actually get to a place of achievement.

So you have this picture in your head or this vision of where you want your future to take you and it seems surreal that you could ever live that dream. But what I’ve finally realized is that despite what you have envisioned in your mind, actually living out your dream isn’t always glamorous you might think.

Of course social media may say otherwise; making your life seem more “put together” and sparkly than in all actuality. I mean look at every celebrity…each of their lives seems to look like a dream but at the end of the day, they’re just living life, working hard to make their next dream come true.

Living out your dream may mean sacrificing time with family and friends, getting up early and staying up late, working through meals, and staying in your pajamas till noon or the whole day. That’s why living out your dream can be defeating, because you can feel like you put a whole lot of effort into creating something yet at the end of the day you can show nothing for it. Isn’t that why you see so many people giving up on their dream? Because they never saw the fruit of it all?

I’m not going to lie, living out the dream that I have in my head; the dream that was put there by my Heavenly Father is almost never as glamorous as what I picture it to be. It sometimes takes all my effort and strength to motivate myself to just get out of bed in the morning. And there are some days that I am overwhelmed with the amount of business related tasks I have to get done and not to mention my duties as a mother (laundry is never-ending) that I don’t even know where to start.

So yes…sometimes living out your dreams kind of sucks. And it’s hard. But the beauty of living out your dream comes in the form of the people you met, and the lives you touch, or the lives that touch you. It comes in the relationships you build, and in the happiness you feel from knowing that following your heart each day brings you one step closer to that dream you have in your head. And the crazier thing is, when you’ve finally made it, when you’ve finally achieved what you’ve been working so hard to accomplished, you’re going to find that God has even BIGGER dream for you to pursue next.

God so desires for us to live our dreams because He placed them there first. It’s like the feeling you get when you watch your child do something that truly moves you for the first time…you can’t help but be proud of them because as a parent you desire all things good for your child right? That’s how our Heavenly Father feels about us, but 100 times greater. His desire is to see us succeed in the things that bring us life.

So whatever it is that brings you life, pursue it with everything you have because ultimately what you dream can bring you more life than you can ever imagine!

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