Putting Yourself Out There

While we know, if not managed properly, it can ruin a career…did you know social media can help your career flourish? It provides the opportunity to reach people and businesses with the click of a button. This doesn’t just mean keeping up with the Kardashians. I’m talking about the ability to connect with CEO’s, industry leaders, and gatekeepers. There are 12 year olds building better brands for themselves than multi million dollar companies.

Whether it’s seeing a tweet about a conference you should attend or connecting with a prospective customer on LinkedIn, being online puts you ahead of those who aren’t. Yes, hard work is a major key to success, but so is your network. Whether you’re trying to grow in your current role or you’re trying to start a side gig, understanding what your brand will be is key to successfully marketing yourself.

What I love about social media is the likability factor. People will follow you because you seem like someone they could hang out with…and maybe even work with.

You can make business focused profiles while still keeping your private life separate. Start building your social media profile today. Keep it classy and connect with the right people.

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