We Should All Celebrate This Everyday

Today is National Random Acts of Kindness Day. That’s right February 17th, is officially the day to channel your inner Haley Joel Osment and pay it forward. All kidding aside, the smallest kind gesture can have a tremendous impact on another human being.

Growing up I witness my momma always being kind to everyone that she came in contact with. She is a beautiful, thoughtful, generous and kind woman with a heart of gold. I’m so proud to call her mine. I once asked her why she was always greeting everyone she saw. I will never forget what she told me.

“You never know what kind of day someone’s having. You never know what kind of struggle the person on the other end is going through. The smallest kind gesture, like a positive voice, can have a tremendous impact on someone’s life.”

That’s always stuck with me so of course when I heard that it was National Random Acts of Kindness Day, I had to write a post in my sweet mother’s honour. In an effort to continue the trend of spreading love, I’ve compiled a list of 10 selfless acts a person can do to brighten someone else’s day.

Buy the person’s coffee behind you in line at Tim Hortons. This has happened to me a handful of times and it absolutely made my day each time. Most people will pay it forward, which will make you the catalyst of all kinds of kindness for the day.

Give a genuine compliment to a stranger. If the woman at the grocery store has envious locks, tell her!

Give away the books you’ve read. A friend recently did this for me and I’m super excited to dive into one of her favourite books tonight.

Donate an old household item to a local shelter or family. There’s always someone in need.

Offer to babysit a friend’s child. Offer to watch a friend or coworker’s kids while they run to Walmart or enjoy a date night out. I don’t know a single person who would turn this offer down!

Offer to take someone’s photo. You know how it feels to ask a stranger to take your picture. Offer to take a photo for a couple who looks like they might be tourists. Or just snap a cute candid of your girlfriend for her insta!

Put the shopping cart back. Or offer to take someone else’s back for them.

Send flowers to an old friend. A sure way to brighten up someone’s day.

Send a card. A simple ” Thinking about you” via snail mail goes a long way.

Be present. Put your phone away and give people the attention they deserve at dinner, during a meeting, or at home.

I challenge you to pick five acts of kindness from the list above ( or five of your own) and perform one each day. If you have an awesome random act of kindness story, please share it. If you have any suggestions to add to the list, please share that as well so we can spread the love together.

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