The Reason You’re Not Reaching Your Full Potential

Motivational speaker Jim Rohn, famously said…”You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”.

Whether we like it or not, we are greatly influenced by the relationships closest to us. If you surround yourself with successful and positive people, you will become a successful and positive person. You will strive to be better because the people in your life are doing the same thing.

Your best friend started a new workout program and asks you to join. Your best buddy is absolutely crushing their sales goals and sharing all their tips with you. Your partner is learning to cook and constantly works to expand their skills. Imagine if you had a close network of people like this surrounding you at all times. Every time you text them they are doing something. They are starting something. They invite you to be a part of something. Imagine how much your life would change.

This doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your friends; just re-evaluate their position in your life. You may have a best friend that parties a little too much, but you’ve known them forever and they make you laugh. I don’t think you should break off any friendship you enjoy. If they’re in your top 5, they’re holding you back from your full potential by not growing, challenging, and influencing you.

You choose these people. You have the ability to find a mentor ( at work or personal) and ask them to help you. You can schedule a weekly call or lunch with them. You can be that person for someone else too. Someone that’s motivated and hungry and looks up to you is someone you should keep in your circle as well. You can learn a lot about yourself by being someone else’s mentor.

Choose your circle:

Write down the top 5 people in your life today. Who do you talk to the most or call when something happens? Who do you hang out with on the weekends or grab happy hour with?

Write down their best qualities. Be honest. What are they good at? Are they motivated? How do they treat others? How do they treat you?

Now make a list of the 5 best people you know. There’s no criteria to this, the names will automatically come to you. They could be a really positive person, a top producer in your office, your manager, your aunt, your sister, your college professor, your high school coach, a friend…someone you admire.

Cross Reference the Lists and Finalize. Do any of the 5 best people exist in your current top 5 today? If not, why? Re-evaluate your list and reach out to them.

If you aren’t incredibly proud and motivated by the top 5 people in your life, then you’re holding yourself back. This is not just in business or for success. Having a solid network will help your overall mental, physical, and spiritual health as well.

Find your tribe, love them hard.

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