Reflections And Lessons Learned

Happy 2017!

I hope the new year is treating all of you well so far. Lately I’ve been thinking about this journey that I’m on. It’s crazy how your brain never turns itself off, it’s constantly working and spitting out new ideas at you. I feel so inspired when that happens. But let’s be honest…it can be quite overwhelming too. It’s like…okay brain, give me a break, as you’re trying to keep up and absorb it all.

I also took time to reflect on life in general and things I’ve learned along the way…

Your 20’s are your selfish years. By selfish, it means to do the things that will create who you are/who you become. Travel, love, learn, have fun, make mistakes…these are the years to learn some hard lessons that will make you a stronger person.

Not everyone does it in the same way. Some people choose to get married young and go through those years with their partner, which I admire completely. My parents were just shy of 19 when they got married and they have done A LOT in their life together. They’ve immigrated to Canada in 1987, had 3 daughters and 1 son, and settled in their home. Times have also changed a lot since they got married.

I’ve learned some tough lessons. I’ve always had a curious mind and when you have a curious mind, the feeling of settling will eat at you. Whether it be settling in a relationship that doesn’t challenge you, settling in a job you hate, or settling with friends who are shady. I never wanted to regret not living or experiencing things.

A price also comes with that. I was betrayed ( more than once), which was a good lesson for me to look for specific qualities in the people I surround myself with. The hardest lesson I think though was betraying someone I love. People change, especially through the course of their early 20’s, so it’s natural to lose a few friends…but it’s not always the easiest. It makes you a better person if you can recognize the lesson.

One of the other biggest lessons I learned is to enjoy the limelight for a second. Get a taste of it so you know what it feels like, then walk away. Life is not about surrounding yourself with people of status or getting a million likes on a selfie. It’s about surround yourself with a few close friends that genuinely care about you and making memories with those people.

I’ve learned that balance is key. In order to stay in control emotionally and maintain a healthy state of mind, you need to take care of you. Which means eating healthy, get plenty of sleep, and have interests outside of work and relationships.

Always keep yourself in check by being honest with yourself. Understand your emotions, communicate them effectively, and try to understand other people’s emotions. You are not always right and that’s okay. People will respect you ten times more for falling on your sword and admitting your faults than standing your ground when you’re in the wrong. You will also look incredibly mature and intelligent!

2017 is going to be about:

-small groups of close friends instead of large group of acquaintances.

-more games nights and bonfires

-focused goals instead of dreams

A positive mindset can truly give you a positive life. Although things aren’t perfect, I never asked for that. I’m exactly where I want to be in life and I couldn’t be happier.

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