My Creative Space

Since moving into my home…there is this one particular area by the kitchen which I’m not really sure what to call it…I guess a person could use it as a breakfast nook or even a sitting/reading area. You know how you always have one room in your house that you use as your designated miscellaneous junk room?!? Well, this spot served as that room for me. There is a nice size bay window with lovely views of the side of my neighbours house as well as their backyard. I never open the blinds in that spot because as much as I have sweet neighbours I still enjoy my privacy.

So it dawned on me one morning as I was working on my laptop in my living room…why not turn that little space in the kitchen into my office for my business. I had a vision and I knew what I wanted it to look like when I was done with it. First things first, I had to get rid of the pink blinds that the previous owners had up. And instead of putting curtains in place of the blinds, I purchased decorative window films from Lowes instead. I wanted to have natural light coming in through the windows during the day and it worked out great doing it this way.

Next up, I needed a desk that wasn’t going to take up a lot of room since it’s a small space. I went down to Home Depot, Lowes and Staples and didn’t see anything that caught my eye. The selection at all three stores were very limited. So I decided to look online and sure enough I found what I was looking for on Best Buy’s website of all places. They had the exact same desk online at Lowes and Home Depot as well but Best Buy had the best price by far. And this particular desk is only available online. I love a great deal when I can find one. It just takes some shopping around and a little bit of time. But it’s so worth it when you can save yourself $100, that’s huge!!! Especially if you’re a business owner or someone who is looking to save a few dollars where you can. No shame at all…I admit I rarely pay full price for anything. I mean why would I !?!? when I don’t have too.

I ordered the desk on a Sunday evening and it arrived Thursday morning that same week. I had a busy week so didn’t get around to putting it together until the weekend.

But this is how it looked when I got to it:


I wasn’t expecting it to be as heavy as it was. It is very well made and sturdy. There were quite a few pieces and it took about 2 hours total to put the desk together. The instructions that came with it were straight forward and easy to follow.



This is my finished office space. I am so happy with the way it turned out – I feel inspired and love that I have this cozy, warm and inviting space to get creative with my work and writing.

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