Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!!! 

We are officially ready for Halloween – yay! yay! yaaa!

The pumpkins are carved…here is one in action…


I made some spooky brownies and Frankenstein pops. While the jello worms are chilling in the fridge.



Keeping with the Halloween theme…dinner consist of mac and cheese and mummy hotdogs. Sophia refused to eat the mac and cheese because she told me she wasn’t eating the pumpkin’s puke. She sat at the table poking at it with her fork, repeatedly uttering ‘ ew ew ew ‘ over and over again. I couldn’t help but laugh. Kids come up with the funniest things, it’s adorable.


As you can probably tell…food is important to me and lots of it. It’s more than just food. It’s about being together in the same room with the people you love and care about, sharing conversations over a nice meal. The closeness – I just love that so much. The more the merrier, always!

Hope you all have a GREAT weekend. Have fun and be safe.

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