Year Of The Pig

Year Of The Pig


Chúc mừng năm mới / Happy Lunar New Years! It’s the Vietnamese New Year – celebrating the Year of the Pig.

I really enjoy this time of year because it’s about honouring traditions and spending time with Family. During this time, we make an offering to the Gods and honour them along with our ancestors (all referred to as Ong Ba) to bring us prosperity, good health, and fortune. Days leading up to the New Year or Tet (in Vietnamese), the house should be clean and tidy as it sets the tone for the upcoming year. Deep cleaning shouldn’t be for days after as it may wash away your good luck and fortune.

I always remember my Momma talking to the spirits as she sets out elegant paper meant as money and fabric for clothes along with fruits and flowers on the altar (of Ba Quan Am – an all encompassing God that takes on many forms and roles).

On New Years Eve, we cook a huge feast and offer it to the Gods, burn incense and bow our head to show our respects. Only after the incense has fully burned is when we can eat. Now that I have my own home, I wanted to keep the traditions I grew up with and cook a full meal for Tet.


Chúc cả nhà một năm mới luôn vui vẻ hạnh phúc, thuận lợi trong công việc, gặp nhiều may mắn trong cuộc sống.


May peace fill all the empty spaces around You, your Family and your Friends and your Colleagues at this special time of year, and in you, may contentment answer all your wishes.

Here’s to yesterday’s achievements and tomorrow’s brighter future.

May the coming year show you that every day is really a first day and a new year.

Let abundance be your constant companion, so that you have much to share.

Let new beginnings signify new chapter filled with pages of success and happiness, written by the ink of hard work.

Here’s wishing you all the gift of peace and prosperity throughout 2019.


Being Here Is Everything

In the moment

Time, it seems, is a prison of our own creation. We are always waiting for something.

Waiting until we are in a new place. Waiting for an opportunity. Waiting for someone. Waiting for change.

Waiting for the next moment, when really, the only moment that ever exists is NOW.

Look around you. See, hear, and feel what is taking place in your surroundings.

Experience this moment.

As I write, my present moment consists of the hum of the refrigerator. The drizzle of rain. The subtle warmth of the sun as it pours through the tiny kitchen windows at this late morning hour.

I see, hear, and feel these things, resisting the urge to label them as “good” or “bad.” They simply are.

In this moment, there is no time. Just presence. Awareness. Appreciation.

The present moment is a gift. Yet we squander it in favour of a non-existent future, or a past that cannot be changed.

So while many things are “imperfect” or not yet in place, this year has been an incredible one full of so many gifts. The scary or frustrating parts won’t be remembered, but they will serve to build character in the now.

How I choose to act in response to unstable times will be what matters in the end.

And so, I have no choice left but to appreciate the here and now. It is part of my path, and it’s teaching me plenty if I open my heart to it. It’s teaching me gratitude. It’s teaching me patience. It is teaching me mindfulness. It is showing me my own resilience.

Writing in a journal while seated at the messy dining room table, wearing my oversized pajamas, will hardly seem glamorous. But why shouldn’t we be allowed to be unglamorous? Why can’t we find glamour in this, the most mundane of moments? It is the now. It is what is, and it is perfect.

Perhaps more importantly, though, I should at least recognize this moment for the privilege that it is. To sit here with a roof over my head, food in my belly, clothes on my back, and the freedom and security to pursue a creative career – I am blessed!

If I am ever ungrateful for the blessed life that I am living, then I don’t deserve to experience it at all. And so we find ourselves back at gratitude.

Gratitude grounds us in the now. It allows us to appreciate what is rather than longing for what could be.
Even if the now feels like it sucks (which it oftentimes will) it is here to be experienced – even cherished. Every moment – whether happy, sad, frustrated, angry, or scared – is part of our path.
Living in the NOW is the only way to free ourselves from the constricts of time. The only way to truly live.

If we can sit quietly for a few minutes each day to reflect on this fact, we’ll always be grateful, and we’ll always be free.


Siblings Love

Family First

…because I have one brother and two sisters, I will always have best friends. You are a bit of childhood that can never be lost. Oh, the memories and oh how I love you guys. You are my heart.

Happy National Siblings Day.



I Love Christmas

33 days until Christmas!!! Tis the season to be jolly falalalala lalalala…

I’m almost ready for Christmas. The only thing missing is the tree and ever since I started getting a real Christmas tree I have not gone back to the artificial ones. It really doesn’t compare. There’s just something about a real tree that I love…the rustic look and the smell of pine throughout the house. It’s like bringing the outdoors inside, I love that.

Have I told you I love Christmas yet?!?! I LOVE CHRISTMAS so so so so so much!!! Baking/cooking up a storm, drinking hot chocolate, sitting by a wood burning fireplace, matching pj’s, skating, snowboarding/skiing, snowball fights, making a snowman and snow angels, most importantly being with family and friends, creating memories, making new traditions and carrying on old ones. The only thing I dislike is the gift aspect of it, not the giving of gifts…I love seeing my family open their gifts and seeing their smile. I just dislike the shopping part – it’s super stressful, there’s no getting around that at all. I’m not a last minute shopper because that’s just wayyyyy to crazy for me. I started early this year and it was still completely nuts! And this is coming from someone who normally enjoys shopping. I don’t know why I act all surprised though because it’s like this every year during this time. I think maybe I don’t enjoy shopping like I used to?!?! Nooo  that can’t be it! Or maybe it has something to do with my old age?!?! seems the more likelihood!

So…this year I decorated my house early…gotta love Christmas in November.


Front of the house


christmas3Front door

xmaseChristmas tree made out of lights

113Dining room



Living room fireplace





It took 2 days to get the entire house decorated. I have a few more gifts to buy and a ton of wrapping to do.

And then its time to make, bake and decorate…cookies, cookies, cookies. Oh how I love Christmas!

What Is The Business

My precious baby girl is my biggest inspiration. She is also one of the reasons for this change. I wanted more time at home to spend with her. Growing up I was very fortunate in that my Momma was a stay-at-home parent for most of my childhood. And I want my daughter to have that same experience. I missed out on most of her kindergarten year because I was always at work. Those are priceless moments that only come once in this lifetime and once it’s gone, it’s gone. So I cherish any time I get with her. She’s growing up way too fast right before my eyes.

I heard about Enagic Kangen water through my sister. She started working for Enagic after she learned about them through her best friend. A year ago she briefly mentioned it to me and as I stated in my previous post, I didn’t understand what she was getting at with it. It wasn’t until I had an epiphany one evening in August of this year that I referred back to our conversation. I sent her a text inquiring about Enagic and said I was interested in trying Kangen water for myself. If it worked out for me, I would be interested in getting into the business side of it as well. I received my Enagic K8 the second week in September. When I saw the UPS guy pull up in my driveway that morning…I knew right there and then my life was about to change in a great big way. Ever since then I have been busy trying to learn and grow as a first time entrepreneur.

All of this wouldn’t be possible without my sister. She’s been amazing right from the start. I knew she was happy for me and that I finally saw the light – ha! Her love, words of encouragement, and support means the world to me. I am extremely proud of her for always going after what she wants in life and for not letting the opinions of others sway her once she has made up her mind about anything. Thank you for always being there, for letting me call/text you at all hours day or night – when I’m stressed out about some random trivial thing about this entrepreneurial journey or just to talk. I admire you Kathy and I love you with all my heart. Keep doing your thing you beautiful soul.

Enagic is all about team work. You have to be open and willing to listen and work together. We are like one big family…everyone is more than willing to help and support each other. Many of us host webinars just so we can connect and reach out to people who need it. I’ve never heard of webinars until I started my journey. I love that I learn something new each and every day. If you don’t know what Kangen water is, it is made by Enagic’s line of ionizers that changes the molecular structure of water to produce medical grade alkaline ionized water. The machines can produce 5 different types of water from strong acidic to a strong alkaline water that all have different uses and benefits.

I just wanted to show you what the K8 looks like and what you’ll find inside. Anyone who orders from Enagic will get their own ID number. The contents inside includes: the machine and all the supplies you need in order to hook it up to your tap, cleaning supplies for the K8, electrolysis enhancer fluid and tank, pH drops and strips to test pH levels of your water, instruction manual and CD, pamplets on how to use the K8 machine – the different water it produces and their uses, pamplet for the Ukon tea, the pH and chlorine chart, your warranty and a supply order form.


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