Business Spotlight

I love entrepreneurs! It is literally an explosion of ideas and conversation whenever I meet someone living on their path and purpose. We all want to share knowledge stories and successes and love nothing more than to see each other succeed at what we are doing.

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times, community is vital for a business owner. Especially if you work from home, being an entrepreneur can get really isolating and really lonely. Getting out and meeting people face to face (not just on social media) has been a game changer for me. You get to talk with someone one-on-one who truly gets what you do, you have an instant connection. Social media doesn’t convey body language, the tone in your voice, or other mannerisms that are unique to you and whoever you’re meeting.

We all have weaknesses, and bringing together a group of like-minded business people, no matter their experience, you’re sure to find someone who does something better than you. Whether it’s marketing, promotion, customer service, systems, or any other facet of your business, hearing how someone else handles the same facet of their business can spark ideas and maybe teach you a new trick.

When we come together in a community big or small…even just one-on-one, we can all learn from each other. Finding true friendships with others who totally understand what it is you actually do all day can make a huge difference in yourself and in your business.

My biggest takeaway: Big names are just names. They’re real people with real businesses, real fears, and real successes. They don’t have it all figured out, but they do have years of hard work and experiences to back up their wins. No matter the size of your business, you are capable of connecting with the business owners you look up to. They’re all real people and most live pretty normal lives…sometimes you just have to get out of your comfort zone and ask.

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