Year Of The Pig

Year Of The Pig


Chúc mừng năm mới / Happy Lunar New Years! It’s the Vietnamese New Year – celebrating the Year of the Pig.

I really enjoy this time of year because it’s about honouring traditions and spending time with Family. During this time, we make an offering to the Gods and honour them along with our ancestors (all referred to as Ong Ba) to bring us prosperity, good health, and fortune. Days leading up to the New Year or Tet (in Vietnamese), the house should be clean and tidy as it sets the tone for the upcoming year. Deep cleaning shouldn’t be for days after as it may wash away your good luck and fortune.

I always remember my Momma talking to the spirits as she sets out elegant paper meant as money and fabric for clothes along with fruits and flowers on the altar (of Ba Quan Am – an all encompassing God that takes on many forms and roles).

On New Years Eve, we cook a huge feast and offer it to the Gods, burn incense and bow our head to show our respects. Only after the incense has fully burned is when we can eat. Now that I have my own home, I wanted to keep the traditions I grew up with and cook a full meal for Tet.


Chúc cả nhà một năm mới luôn vui vẻ hạnh phúc, thuận lợi trong công việc, gặp nhiều may mắn trong cuộc sống.


May peace fill all the empty spaces around You, your Family and your Friends and your Colleagues at this special time of year, and in you, may contentment answer all your wishes.

Here’s to yesterday’s achievements and tomorrow’s brighter future.

May the coming year show you that every day is really a first day and a new year.

Let abundance be your constant companion, so that you have much to share.

Let new beginnings signify new chapter filled with pages of success and happiness, written by the ink of hard work.

Here’s wishing you all the gift of peace and prosperity throughout 2019.

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