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L.O.L Surprise Birthday Party

My daughter turned 9 this month and every year she looks forward to having a theme birthday party. She absolutely loves LOL Surprise and wanted a party surrounded by all her favourite characters. We kept it low key but I still persisted to dream up ways to make this birthday memorable for her.

Sophia’s birthday was on a Monday this year. So we started her birthday festivities on the weekend. The morning started off with homemade funfetti pancakes with exactly 9 cherries on top. Then we spent the whole day at the local arcade afterwards. Sophia insisted.

Monday morning Sophia woke up to LOL Surprise timbits for breakfast before school. Normally I don’t let her have “junk food” for breakfast but I had to break the rules just this once.

While Sophia was at school I started getting the house ready for her birthday party. As you all know by now, I like adding my own personal touch to everything I do. So this year I made homemade pink funfetti macarons for Sophia. She absolutely loves them and would probably eat them everyday if I let her. The macarons were a bit tricky to make and definitely required some patience. But I’m happy with the way they turned out and it was all worth it when I saw the biggest smile on my precious daughter’s face.

I printed out LOL Surprise Dolls and Animals to decorate the dining room, living room, dessert table and used as toppers for the mini unicorn cupcakes. A great budget friendly way to jazz up any party! Finished off with matching LOL Surprise birthday banners, confetti and balloons.

I put together a simple dessert table for the party. Which consisted of pink and blue cotton candy, strawberry cream filled wafer sticks, fruity marshmallows twists, sugar cookies, mini unicorn cupcakes and pink funfetti macarons.

LOL Surprise bingo and Pin The Bow on the LOL Surprise Doll kept the kids entertained. I found both games online. Score! I found a super cute LOL Surprise backdrop with props at Party City. So we took some fun photos and had a blast pretending to be our own LOL Surprise Doll.

Sophia wanted to try the new buffet restaurant that opened in town for her birthday dinner. After dinner we came back to the house, opened presents and she blew out her Birthday candles.

A huge Thanks to Queen City Cakes for the absolutely amazing birthday cake. She couldn’t believe that the LOL Surprise Doll and LOL Surprise Cat was edible. You made Sophia’s day extra special & sweet.


For as many things as I want to teach you, there are just as many things that I want you to keep just the way you are. Forever. As people grow up, they change. They have to. But there are certain parts of you that I hope you hold on to because they are precious.

My nine wishes for you:

  1. May you continue to wear pink kitties with tropical flowers and sequins and do so unabashedly. In this world of tiny tank tops and “booty shorts” for little girls, may you continue to rock your own style. Since you could first get dressed, you have always picked out the most eclectic, dramatic sets of clothes. You have always thought that the brighter, the better. And that has made you (and others) smile.
  2. May your willingness to take a chance to make a friend last into high school activities, college parties, and the complicated world of adults making friends. Since you started speaking, you’ve had no trouble talking to people. When you were two-years-old, your go-to conversation piece was “Play?” It has now progressed to “Wanna play?” when you find someone your age at a playground. The words may change, but the skill remains the same.
  3. May you never lose your beautiful open heart. You have always been compassionate. When we watch America’s Funniest Home Videos, I love how you hide behind my shoulder when people fall and how you say, “I just can’t laugh at these parts. My heart feels bad for those people.” As you enter the years when friendships become trickier and kids are sometimes mean, I hope that you are always sensitive to others.
  4. May your laugh always goes straight to your belly and never become simply polite. When we go to the movies, you are the one whom people can hear laughing above all others. When you laugh, people laugh with you.
  5. May you still be thrilled when you see a squirrel in the backyard, a starfish in a tidal pool, or a cardinal at the birdfeeder. I love the way that you continue to delight in the little things, the way that many younger children do. You still squeal over a sprinkled donut, say that each French fry you eat is the “best French fry you’ve ever had,” and cannot believe your luck when you find a feather.
  6. May you keep your belief that you can change the world. You have not been deterred because you believe that you can make all of the difference. And you can.
  7. May you continue to love wholeheartedly. Please keep flinging yourself into our arms like you’re three-years-old, despite the fact that your legs are almost as long as mine.
  8. May you always share what you love no matter what people think. Sometimes, kids your age start becoming more hesitant about sharing their passions because they worry about what’s cool. Don’t ever be afraid to show your passions. I love that you tell anyone who will listen that you hate eggs and love mac n cheese.
  9. May you continue to be brave when you face your fears. I am so proud of the way you have faced all of your fears. You are strong!

So while I work on helping you to grow up, I will also work on helping you to keep the essence of who you are.

I love you with all my heart. XOXO


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