Avoid This Resume Mistake

Thanks to LinkedIn, everyone has a copy of your resume. You don’t get the luxury of editing it before sending it on to specific hiring managers. It does however provide countless benefits, including direct access to hiring managers and recruiters. Keeping your page up to date with specific job details and accomplishments will greatly benefit you throughout your career.

One thing that won’t? A history of job hopping.

Two years here, six months there, one year here, four months there…yikes!

It’s okay to move positions and teams within the same organization. In fact, it’s encouraged! Changing roles within the same organization shows likeability, progress, and loyalty. Jumping from one company to another every year is what’s going to get you into trouble. Job hopping indicates a lack of focus and underperformance, especially in sales.

It takes approximately six months to a year to fully settle into a new position. If you’re not giving yourself (and the organization that hired you) at least that, then you better have a good explanation when you go to interview. Why would a company choose to invest time and resources in someone who has a history of providing little to no return for their previous employer?

If you’re thinking about leaving your current job, make sure it’s for an opportunity you can’t refuse. Don’t settle for the next best thing for a buck fifty more. The grass isn’t always greener. Find a mentor at work and learn as much as you can from them. Ask them how to pick up the slack or find more responsibilities and ask for a raise.

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