Sophia's birthday

Sophia’s Birthday Recap

This past Sunday we celebrated Sophia’s 8th Birthday. It was a busy week leading up to her party. But I managed to get it all done in time…barely. We were still adding last minute touches  as our guests showed up.

I stayed up late the night before to finish up the yarn pom pom garland that I had started earlier that morning. The whole project took 16 hours – yikes! But it was worth it to me. As you all know from her Pokemon party last year – I love adding my own personal touch to everything I do, so this year was no exception. Sophia is obsessed with cats…especially Persians! So you can guess what she wanted as her birthday theme this year…that’s right – cats!!! And lots of it!!!

Sophia's BirthdayWe started the morning of her birthday with a special brunch. I made Sophia a homemade cat pancake with whipped cream, berry compote and a ton of bacon on the side.

Sophia's Birthday

Sophia's BirthdaySophia asked if she could do some of the party decor with me. And of course, I said yes. She checked over the balloons, put out cat colouring sheets for her friends to colour on, took all the stickers out of their packaging and then added finishing touches to the cat cookies. She was such a great helper!

Sophia's BirthdaySophia and all of her friends got to “Adopt A Kitty”. I found the inspiration on Pinterest, which is my favourite place for everything crafty. I bought the plush kitties online. And then got a wooden crate from Winners to put them all in. A person could also use a basket or wrap up a box you have laying around the house as an alternative to the crate. Then I made an adoption sign to put on the front. I purchased medium size gift boxes and craft felt to use as the kitties’ house and blankets. And bought varies stickers, gems and buttons for the kids to decorate the outside of their kitty house. And for the kitties’ collar, they used a gift tag to write the name of their new kitty, and then used pipe cleaners to attached the collar to the kitty. This was part of their loot bag and worked as an activity during the party as well. Win! The same concept could be used for a dog themed birthday party.

I made “Kitty Kat” labels to go over Kit Kat chocolate bars as one of the items in the kids’ loot bag – it was fun and easy to do. I kept the loot bag very simple – printed a personal message to each child from Sophia and then glued it to the front of the gift bag.

Sophia's Birthday

We served finger foods as Sophia’s party was in the afternoon. I printed out cat water labels and different cat faces to add to the walls keeping with the theme. The yarn pom pom garland was draped over the food and kid’s main party table – adding extra strands of yarn to give it that extra kitty look.Sophia's Birthday

Sophia's Birthday

Sophia's Birthday

Sophia and her friends played pin the grin on Chester The Cat. Had a kitty dance off and rode Sophia Express with the office chairs. Each child got their own kitty ears to wear at the birthday party and they pretended to be kitties – it was cute! I loved watching my daughter and all her friends run around…just being kids. They got amused by the simplest things and that made me smile. Watching them in that moment taught me to not take life so serious all the time – to enjoy what is in front of me and to truly cherish that.

We finished off Sophia’s birthday party with birthday cake, opening presents and more goofing around. Sophia is truly very blessed to have such beautiful friends in her life and I’m beyond grateful for that. She is one very lucky girl.

Sophia's BirthdaySophia, for the past years, I have always been here for you whether it’s been to give a hug, wipe a tear, share a laugh, or have an adventure. As you get older, it may get harder to talk to me (I truly hope that is never the case). You may have feelings that you don’t understand. You may struggle with feelings about yourself. Please know that I am still here for you, whenever and however you need me. Whether you need to talk out a disagreement or make a big decision, my arms, ears, and heart are always open to you.

I believe with all my heart that you were born with a purpose, that you can make this world a better place using your unique gifts and talents. Never forget that you were born to shine the beauty of your unique individuality on this old world and make it brighter.

Love You Forever,


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