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Bring Your Sales A Game

I don’t know about you, but when I was first told that I needed to call on senior-level executives, I was terrified. What would I talk with them about? They were so far above me – so much smarter than me about things like finance, overall strategy…you name it. Yes, you do need to have a different conversation with these people.

A few years ago, when working with one of my best clients, I was told that I needed to meet with a hotshot young executive. When I heard his name, it struck a bell. I asked, “Is he about 27, with dark hair, good looking? Is he originally from Prince Rupert? And, did he play hockey?” The answer was yes, yes, and yes.

That’s when I knew that I knew this hotshot executive. I went to school with him. Suddenly, I realized how irrational my fear of selling to executives was. They were normal human beings too…people like you and me. Sure I had to have a different conversation with them, but I didn’t have to be scared. Remember, you’re selling to people – not a position. And you know how to talk with people!developing relationships with customers

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