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Ways I Stay Motivated

Sometimes running a business, working full time, being a mom and having a life can all be a bit too much. This is why it’s so important for me to stay motivated all the time.

I’m often asked how I have the energy and focus on it – so I thought it might be useful to list out what keeps me going:

Daily gratefulness:

This is one where I find real power in. Being grateful for things in your life, really allows you to see just how awesome it is now. It is all well and good thinking you want x,y and z in the future – but you have to appreciate what you have now. Otherwise, how are you ever going to have the ability to appreciate the things you want, when they come? You’ll just be wanting more, more and more.

Go back to my goals:

To keep on track with my goals, I tend to go back to them regularly. I should be clear that I have life goals, which are broken down into smaller goals, this helps me work towards the bigger ones…these actionable steps are smaller and then build into the wider vision. Combining my life and business plans together means one helps me to work towards the other.


If I am ever having a day where I really need some inspiration, I go back to my ideal life board, or my life inspiration board, to perk myself up and get some awesome quotes. It also allows me to see what I am working towards, which really helps!

Taking time off:

If you are to be the best version of yourself, then it is important to take time for yourself. I try and do this quite often, by having evenings, when I am the only one at home, to work and do things that are important for me. Spending time alone gives my mind the space to be able to think and work towards the bigger goal.


This is one I admittedly need to do more of, but when I do, it helps me to relax, recharge and feels like I’ve had a nap in just 10 minutes. You really don’t have to do it for more than that a day and it does help.

Drinking iced coffee:

I have a morning ritual of getting up at 6:00 am, burning candles and working on my business. The other part of this? Drinking iced coffee. There’s something so comforting knowing that I can take a break on whatever am working on, to go and make one. It breaks up my day in the loveliest of ways.

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