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Trust Your Crazy Ideas

I know I’m on the right path when people tell me I’m crazy.

Possible and impossible are both ways to think. Some people see everything as possible and others train themselves to see only impossible. It’s a simple choice. Entrepreneurs have crazy ideas that help them open the world of possible. You need a bit of vision to see what can be created and some courage to take one small step after the next when the future is cloudy. There will be various bumps, also known as challenges, on the path that will test just how committed you are to your idea.

You need to realize that crazy ideas range from small to huge. And what often seems small to one person is big to another and vice versa. There is no need to compare what you can accomplish. It’s a personal thing and unique to each of us. Your crazy idea may be to open a second office, hire another employee, donate a portion of your profits to a charity, create a new product line, launch your product globally, discontinue a product, conduct market research, buy another business or it may be your vision for the market. A crazy idea is a shift in your thinking and the ability to only see possible as an outcome. You know you have a crazy idea when the idea seems completely crazy to others but exciting to you. People will doubt you and that’s to be expected because they don’t see your vision. And remember, any idea that is a way from the status quo will always seem like a crazy idea to others. So don’t let a lukewarm response persuade you away from going after your dream.

There may be ups and downs on this journey. Stay with it!

It only takes one person to see the possible in an idea and that’s you. Step into your greatness today and get comfortable with crazy ideas! You need them to keep your business growing.

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