Dear Recruiters

Dear Recruiters,

The candidates you want are on LinkedIn. They are getting your messages. And they want you to please stop doing these three things:

1. Not including the company name of the job requisition. I used to work for a staffing firm. I understand why recruiters do this – to avoid a competitor stealing your req. I also understand that recruiters have almost zero time to focus on stealing other staffing firm open job reqs. The odds of a competitor stealing your open job req (and filling it before you) is not worth the risk of having the right candidate ignore your vague message. If you really have the right candidate for the job, give them all the necessary information up front (company name, salary range, location, job title, culture) so they can do the process of elimination. That way, when you do get them on the phone…you know they’re interested.

2. Sending job offers for lower level positions than our current one. It’s insulting. You obviously didn’t read my resume. Slow down a little. Stop sending mass email blasts of a copy and pasted message to everyone who pops up on your buillion search.

3. Not including information about you or your company. Do you recruit for an IT staffing firm that only hires consultants for 6-12 months? Do you do permanent placement? Are you local? Are you an Executive recruiter? Do you recruit for startups? Including this information is important and will drastically improve your response rate from potential candidates.

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