Independent Woman

5 Qualities An Independent Woman Needs

An Independent Woman:

She knows what she wants in life and is determined to make things happen for herself. She doesn’t need a boyfriend to tell her she’s pretty or to cuddle with at night, because her dreams cuddle her at night. Age doesn’t scare her because she will never settle in life, especially in love. She knows the right man will come along and compliment her life – not try to put a box around it and contain her. Just being with her and around her will make you feel more inspired and more successful.

An independent woman will not date just any Joe Schmo with money or a pretty face. She needs a man that can offer so much more – one who possesses these 5 qualities:

  1. Ambition – A man who has big dreams and goals of his own. A man with a fire in his eyes and determination in his voice. Someone who wants big things for his life as well as for the woman he’ll end up with.
  2. Curiosity – She needs a man whose curious about places he’s never been and things he’s never seen. An adventurer who will be her partner on her travels, visits museums, and meet new people. A man that understands there’s a piece of history wherever he goes and has a passion to learn.
  3. Kindness – She needs a kind, mature, man. One who treats her with respect and cares about what’s important to her. She values relationships and will not be with anyone who mistreats the important people in her life. The bad boy bartender with no dreams and a jealous attitude will be tossed out like last week’s issue of Vogue.
  4. A Good Listener – She needs someone she can talk to about her ideas and goals with. Someone who will actually listen with interest, ask questions, and show that they care.
  5. A Man’s Man – She’s tough no doubt, but she’s still a woman and chivalry isn’t dead – she needs a man who will lift the heavy things, fire up the grill, and open her door.

The independent woman isn’t bullet proof – everyone needs to be loved. She’s just going to have a lot more self respect and bigger dreams which will prevent her from settling with anyone who doesn’t rise to her standards. She may kiss a few frogs for fun but they won’t last for a reason. If you want to date her, be ambitious, be curious, be kind, listen to her, and be a man.

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