Powerful Women

A Letter To All Women

In the last year or so, I have gone through many internal transformations, all of which made me realize the deep love, respect, and appreciation I have for Women.

There is something precious, graceful and deeply profound at the core of each Women. And through my writing, I hope to inspire and empower women from all over the world to awaken all these wonderful things in them. I hope to inspire them to see themselves as they truly are: Graceful, Beautiful, Soft, Feminine, Powerful, and Full of Life and Love.

This piece was written from a place of love and honesty, and I hope you will read it from that exact place.


Graceful Woman,

Don’t you remember who you are?

Don’t you remember the Grace, the Beauty and the Power that God entrusted you with?

Don’t you remember the pure and everlasting Love that flows through every cell of your body you in abundance?

Don’t you remember your Purity, your Laughter, your Innocence and your Perfection?

Don’t you remember?

Graceful Woman, don’t you remember who you are?

You are the universe in ecstatic motion. ~Jalaluddin Rumi

You are the One who gives Life to Life.

You are at the centre of Love,

The giver of Life

And You are the Heart of it All.

Embrace your Beauty.

Embrace your Softness.

Embrace your Grace.

Embrace your Power.

Embrace Yourself.

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