Girl Power

Being A Girl’s Girl

You don’t have to be a girly girl to be a girl’s girl. That sounds confusing so let me clarify. You don’t have to be into fashion, have the perfect hair products, and hate sports to be considered a girl’s girl. You just need to have the ability to connect with other women and value the importance of your relationship with them.

From high school drill and volleyball, to cheer and post grad, I’ve always had a lot of girlfriends. I think I get it from my Momma. Growing up, she always had a ton of friends and activities with them, including (but not limited to) bible study, cooking, camping, fishing trips, movies and game night. These friendships span 20+ years and have shown me the importance of having a solid group of girlfriends.

Besides the fact they’re your confidants, best friends, and biggest supporters…there are so many benefits of these relationships.

When you get into a fight with you boyfriend or have a bad day at work, who do you call? Your girlfriends. Friends will give you advice and make you laugh when you need it. And they’ll do it over wine and cheese…because what the heck? else is there? Your girls are your sounding board. They’ve experienced most of the same life changes as you and I’m not just talking about hormones. We’re living in the era of the girl squad. Stop fighting it and just join the club!

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