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My Purpose

I realized that I only truly have one thing I want this year and that is to live with purpose. I think everything else will naturally fall into place. Then I thought, well what does it mean to me to live with purpose? and what is my purpose? For me, it boiled down to three things and one overarching message.

Travel – Travel has always been a way for me to slow down time when the days and weeks start to run together. The more places I go and new experiences I have, the longer the year feels. I love visiting new places, meeting new people, and coming back home with a bag full of new experiences. I’ve already got a few small trips planned but the trip I’m looking forward to most is Finland sleeping under the Northern Lights in a glass igloo.

Blogging – Sharing my stories and advice on the blog has given me a real sense of purpose. Work is work. I love my job and I feel challenged but it is not my life’s passion. Sales reps have a passion for people and seeing things through to fruition. I just take it one step further by writing, sharing and connecting my ideas with my readers. It gives me purpose which is why I’m going to commit to stepping up the blog and really put myself out there.

Relationships – My relationship with my family and with my friends are all going to be the forefront. I want to strengthen each one of those relationships and make solid memories that will last a lifetime. Our relationships with others are all we truly have in life. They are all that really matter. I want the people in my life to know I care about them and I want to make time for them over everything else.

My Purpose

In conclusion my purpose is to share, connect, and grow. Share what I learn at work each week, share my stories, share other’s stories, and give solid advice. If I truly feel like I’m helping someone with their career, their relationship, or even just their sense of self-worth, I will feel my purpose being fulfilled.

Thank You for reading and Thank You for sharing my posts. All of you who message me about posts make me feel like I have a purpose with this whole blog thing. Thank You for helping me find my purpose.


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