True Beauty Of A Woman

True Beauty And Strength

Beauty consumes a lot of time and energy for most modern-day women. Whether it be shopping for makeup, trying to lose weight, primping before a date, fretting over a pimple that shows up the morning of an important meeting, researching and finding the skin care system that’s actually going to work, spending a fortune on anti-aging cremes and visits to the dermatologist…maintaining our appearance is a lot of work!

But what if the one thing we need to enhance our beauty to its utmost was absolutely free? What if it was something we already possess? Right here, right now.

Because it absolutely is.

Outer beauty is a reflection of our inner experience. 

No doubt outer beauty is either magnified or diminished depending on what’s going on inside of us.

And what is the magic ingredient for magnifying our inner beauty, which then translate to our outer beauty?

One word: Joy. 

And how do we find that joy and inner radiance?

By being true to ourselves. By being authentic. By going after what it is we want in life. And never apologizing for who we are but rather embracing every part of us. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Realizing that to be human, is to be imperfect.

The funny thing is, once we stop covering up or hiding the things we feel are imperfect, that’s when our true beauty starts to shine…because true beauty is all about being you. The wonderful, fabulous, imperfect being that you are.

If you take a moment, you’ll notice who around you is in touch with their inner joy. It can be seen in the sparkle of someone’s eyes. The lift in their step. The glow of their skin that no amount of makeup or creme could ever replicate.

These are the people we feel drawn to. No matter the measure of physical attributes, it’s that je ne sais quoi that sparks our interest when we meet someone. It’s intangible yet undeniably powerful.

That is the type of beauty that never fades. It’s timeless and readily accessible at any time.

No one and no thing can give us lasting joy. We have to create it for ourselves. Then, once we find it, find what makes us tick, we can share that joy with others.

For the more joy we have, the more beauty we exude on all levels of our life. Which creates more beautiful things in and around us that makes life worth living.

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