I Love You Momma

Precious Mother

Thank you for my life and everything you have done to make it so beautiful.

Mẹ thân mến,

Con may mắn để có Mẹ trong cuộc sống của con. Cảm ơn Mẹ đã luôn luôn ở bên cạnh con. Con kho báu Mẹ và yêu Mẹ nhiều hơn bản thân cuộc sống.

At 28, she had three children under the age of four and was essentially a single mother as her husband was a way frequently. Although he always contributed financially and was a good father, she did the lion’s share of caring for and raising her daughters and son on her own, all whilst working.

As hard as it was to bear such a heavy burden, especially at a young age, she never allowed it to affect her. She simply kept going and did what she needed to do, no matter how difficult the circumstances were. She worked tirelessly in every aspect of her life.

She is entirely self-sufficient and very generous to family, friends and strangers alike. She is charitable and always tries to help others in whatever ways she can, never expecting anything in return.

The beautiful woman in the picture is my precious Momma and the little girl standing with her is me. I have watched my Mother persevere over and over again, not once allowing the many difficult challenges life has thrown at her to ever get in the way of her moving forward.

She has taken the very little she was given and converted it into an amazing life for herself and by extension, my sisters, my brother and I. Whatever we asked for, she endeavoured to give and whatever we needed, she always found a way to provide. I don’t know when she found time to eat, sleep or rest but we were always well cared for, looked after and given amazing opportunities.

I owe so much of my independence, strength, and fortitude to my Mother, as I grew up watching her embody those very traits especially in situations where it would have been immensely difficult for her to do so.

Her unyielding determination and tenacity in pursing a better life and a brighter future, paved the way for my sisters, my brother and I to realise our own dreams and build good lives for ourselves.

Her many successes and achievements in life taught us repeatedly that it was possible to turn adversity and hardship around and to harness them as motivation to move forward instead of using them as excuses to remain downtrodden.

My Mother has always held the belief that whatever she wanted to achieve was possible and whatever she needed to do could be done, whether it was learning how to drive when she was in her late 30’s or walking away from a difficult situation despite the far-reaching consequences of doing so.

At many points in her life, my Mother was told she couldn’t but she proved time and time again that she indeed could.

This International Women’s Day, I would like to pay tribute to my Mother and all the other strong, courageous and capable women who just like this year’s theme, continue to be “bold for change”.

In breaking barriers, meeting challenges head-on, questioning limitations and stepping up and standing out, especially in difficult circumstances, these women continue to empower and inspire others to reach their full potential and live their best lives.

Dear Momma,

There’s no bond quite like that between mother and child. You know me in ways no one else ever will. You also see in me all the things I can still become and continue having faith that I can do and be whatever I want, no matter what my age. You are my biggest fan, my mentor, my confidant, my hero, my turn-to-person when my world comes crashing down and the first person I call to tell when things are going great. The comfort that comes from our friendship, the confidence that your faith in me instills, and your unquestioning support of whatever I do, is irreplaceable. The kind of there-for-me that you are is the very essence of what makes a great mother. I wear your unconditional love and support around me like a big hug every single day.

I am so blessed to have you in my life. I’ve probably said it before – you are my angel on earth. Thank you for always, always being at my side and having my back. No one is in my corner quite the way you are. You are an amazing soul ever ready to learn something new, always open to differing opinions, and so compassionate and kind. I treasure you, Momma, and I love you more than life itself.

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