Be Good To Yourself


I haven’t always loved love. Back then, I didn’t know that all this time spent loving myself, was really just preparation for being able to someday love someone else. If you can’t find a way to truly love yourself, it’s almost impossible to give or receive love from someone else.

Whether you’re single, in a relationship or married this Valentine’s Day, try adding these self-love boosters to your schedule this month:

Get Healthy – A key component of loving yourself is loving your body. Treat it right by getting a good sweat in. If you need that extra motivation, schedule specific times to meet a friend at the gym.

Enjoy Some R&R – Treat yourself to a spa day. Take the downtime you’ve been depriving yourself of and schedule a massage. If you’re on budget (like most of us), treat yourself to a nice bubble bath or a pedicure at home. Either way, make sure to schedule this activity. Just seeing it on your calendar will give you something to look forward to.

Have Fun – Plan a fun night out with friends. Pizza, wine, and girl talk? yes please! There’s nothing better than a night away from the usual Netflix and chill. If everyone is already busy, plan a special night out for yourself. Go to that restaurant you’ve been wanting to try…or my personal favourite, go to a cooking class. Treat yourself to a full on date night at a dine-in theatre.

Eat The Pie – Treating yourself is all about balance. Whether it’s pie you love or chocolate souffle, treat yourself to a craving!

When you take the time to truly love yourself, you project confidence. You know the saying   “relationships come when you least expect them?” Well, it’s true. When you’re not looking for love (and you don’t need validation from anyone but yourself), THAT is when the right person comes along. Treat yourself this month. Enjoy some R&R, treat your body right, have some fun, and eat the darn pie! You can also treat-yo-self by shopping.

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