Highlights From Sophia’s Birthday Party

Sophia’s Pokemon birthday party was this past Saturday. To see her so happy on her special day made all the late nights worth it. She helped me with the decor, filled the pinata with toys and treats, played with balloons and sampled various”Pokey” foods before the party started.

I had to do some research on the internet for Pokemon prior to her birthday party as I’m not very up-to-date with it. Pokemon was around when I was a kid but it wasn’t my thing. Sophia helped me with the characters and explained to me what each one does. The only ones I really know of is Pikachu, Meowth and Clefairy. Wow, I just made myself sound super old and not so cool.

I found many inspiration on the net for Pokemon theme birthday parties and incorporated some of the ideas I found into Sophia’s party. But I like to add my own personal touch to everything I do, so I knew I would be making some of the decor myself.

Sophia’s favourite Pokemon character is Clefairy. I decided to make a pinata of the character…it was my first time attempting something like that, the process was quite easy – it just took some time and patience. But the end result made it completely worth it to me. I couldn’t get a large enough print of Clefairy to use as ” Pin the tail on Clefairy” for one of the games, so I ended up drawing it instead. The loot bags were made to look like Clefairy, and each child got their own Pokemon trainer certificate with their name on it as one of the items in the bag.

I used Pokeballs and Pokemon characters printed in various sizes as decor around the house. The characters were glued onto popsicle sticks and displayed in glass jars filled with shredded red and yellow paper. I made the number 7 out of balloons, used streamers as an accent and then added two Pokemon helium balloons to finish the living room wall off. The wreath was made completely out of balloons as well and then I printed Happy Birthday circles to glue all around the finished wreath. I found the ” Let’s Party” sign and paper fans at Winners to decorate the gift area. The living room floor was covered in blue and yellow Pokemon balloons for the kids to play with when they first arrived and throughout the party…it was a huge hit with them.

For the dining room I decorated with a Pokemon birthday banner, matching posters, Pokemon character centerpieces and mini Pokeball cutouts. I printed the large Pokeballs and used stickers to add Sophia’s name on the balls. To finish off the room I added streamers, tissue paper pom poms, Pokeball and Pikachu helium balloons.

I printed different colouring sheets for the kid’s activities, which consist of a Pokeball, Clefairy and design your own Pokemon card. They used foam bookmarks to make their own ” Pokey Badges”. For a fun guessing game…Sophia had all her friends guess how many Caterpie were in the jar. And the child who guess the number or the closest wins the jar of gummy worms at the end of the party. We didn’t get around to playing Pokemon bingo which I also had on hand…the kids enjoyed being kids and running around playing downstairs, so I didn’t want to take them away from that.

I kept the party food simple with snacks you can eat with your fingers. And keeping with the Pokemon theme each one was named after a Pokemon character. My daughter’s only request was to have some protein at her party and her favourite is mini hot dogs. She asked so she received. =)

We finished the day off with dinner at Sophia’s favourite restaurant, Boston Pizza. She always orders the mini plain cheeseburgers with fries – eating only the burger patties and leaves the buns behind…


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