A Big THANK YOU To You, My Readers!

A special Thank You to the readers, commenters and followers on my blog, the smartest, wittiest, most articulate readers, commenters and followers on the internet. Thank you for your support from the very day this blog was launched! I appreciate you all for reading my posts and as well sharing them with friends. I continue to learn from you each and every day and I cannot begin to express how much I value our virtual friendship. Thank you for taking time to send emails and posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the rest. For it all means the world to me.

I put a lot of my soul into my blog, and I’m always hoping to affect you. The truth is I don’t write a lot of things that are all that extraordinary. You respond because you feel, have felt, or understand a lot of what I put into words.

There is a thread that joins us, a connection that grows through the sharing of our humanity. I am lucky to have a platform…a platform that through the telling of my stories, I can also echo or mirror some of yours.

As I look at all the times one of you has said ” thank you for writing this, I can relate”…

All I can think to do at this moment is grin through my tears and say…thank you for reading it.

You inspire me to persist and persevere no matter what obstacles stand in my way. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You from the very bottom of my heart.

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