Water Labels

Water labels are finally done. I ordered them from Vistaprint on November 20th and they arrived yesterday. Their website was easy to navigate and everything was pretty straight forward. I had them made as large rectangle stickers but they also offer other shapes such as circles and ovals and they come in two other sizes, small or medium. You can design your stickers to fit your needs or use one of their ready made templates, which is what I did. The product ID I chose was 732925.





Here is one in action. I’m extremely happy with the way the water labels turned out. It was more than I expected and it sticks very well onto the bottles. It’s clear and crisp and exactly what I was looking for.

Next up is props for the seminar I will be attending in February 2017. Everything feels like it’s creeping up on me. So much to do, so little time…isn’t that how it always goes?!?!  As much as I feel overwhelmed about everything as of late. I’m more excited than anything…as it’s all coming together – slowly but surely.

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