I Love Christmas

33 days until Christmas!!! Tis the season to be jolly falalalala lalalala…

I’m almost ready for Christmas. The only thing missing is the tree and ever since I started getting a real Christmas tree I have not gone back to the artificial ones. It really doesn’t compare. There’s just something about a real tree that I love…the rustic look and the smell of pine throughout the house. It’s like bringing the outdoors inside, I love that.

Have I told you I love Christmas yet?!?! I LOVE CHRISTMAS so so so so so much!!! Baking/cooking up a storm, drinking hot chocolate, sitting by a wood burning fireplace, matching pj’s, skating, snowboarding/skiing, snowball fights, making a snowman and snow angels, most importantly being with family and friends, creating memories, making new traditions and carrying on old ones. The only thing I dislike is the gift aspect of it, not the giving of gifts…I love seeing my family open their gifts and seeing their smile. I just dislike the shopping part – it’s super stressful, there’s no getting around that at all. I’m not a last minute shopper because that’s just wayyyyy to crazy for me. I started early this year and it was still completely nuts! And this is coming from someone who normally enjoys shopping. I don’t know why I act all surprised though because it’s like this every year during this time. I think maybe I don’t enjoy shopping like I used to?!?! Nooo  that can’t be it! Or maybe it has something to do with my old age?!?! seems the more likelihood!

So…this year I decorated my house early…gotta love Christmas in November.


Front of the house


christmas3Front door

xmaseChristmas tree made out of lights

113Dining room



Living room fireplace





It took 2 days to get the entire house decorated. I have a few more gifts to buy and a ton of wrapping to do.

And then its time to make, bake and decorate…cookies, cookies, cookies. Oh how I love Christmas!

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