My “Why”

A little bit about why I decided to start this blog/website, and the reason why I decided to embark on this life changing journey that I know will change me to my very core. Change is often perceived as scary…it’s scary because we are usually stepping into the unknown. Not knowing if it’s going to work out how we envisioned it to in our head. But this is a good change for me and something I need to do for myself in order to grow. You see I’ve always been very afraid to take any kind of risks…I’ve always played on the safe side with most everything in my life. I am realising each and every day that you simply cannot grow when you don’t take chances and go after all the things that make your heart smile, it holds you back in so many ways. You can come up with a million excuses in your head about why you can’t do something. But in order to get what you know you deserve, you have to step through the doors of the unknown and let what’s meant to be yours, be yours.

So I was laying in bed one evening contemplating life, as I seemed to do a lot these days. Although I am blessed in many areas of my life, I felt like I wanted more out of it. Like there was a bigger purpose for me than even I could fathom. I always had these grand ideas to do many great things in my life but I never knew how to get started. I got stuck in a rut of not knowing how to move forward and actually pushing myself to achieve my goals in order to make them my reality.

The truth is, I didn’t grow up with a ton of money. I did grow up with parents who raised me to understand the meaning of hard work. Everything that my family has my parents worked extremely hard to obtain it all. I am forever grateful to them. They taught me to put in the time and effort to work towards building the life we wanted to live.

To put it in simple terms for you…

I was an average girl who lived following the exact plans my parents set out for me…the only plan I thought was true. I was taught to go to school to earn a degree, get a good job to pay the bills, then dedicate all of my time and energy in growing with the company.

The turning point for me was at my last job, feeling absolutely exhausted, drained, and unfulfilled watching my life flash before my eyes…

I saw myself becoming someone I never wanted to be, working for people who didn’t appreciate me, slaving away and not accomplishing any of the goals I had set out for myself because I had no extra energy and looking forward to having the weekend off, only to do it all over again. How could this really be the ” good life ”. What’s the good life without actually LIVING? My life was in a constant battle between working my life away, and actually experiencing what this life has to offer. I always  caught myself saying  ” I’m too exhausted ” or ” I have to work” when it came down to doing anything else besides working or sleeping in my bed.

I was told that no one loves their job, it’s just part of life to work a job that you don’t fully love. I remember laying in bed one evening after my shift, scrolling through my emails and deleting junk mail. I was driving myself crazy and knew I was driving myself crazy and knew enough was enough. I deleted everything… except for one. The coincidental timing of that email told me it was something I needed to read. It spoke of struggle, and dreams, and doing whatever it took to achieve them.

Everything it said hit home for me, it felt like the universe had sent it. So I did exactly what the email said. I spread my wings and flew after my dreams.

The very next day I sent my baby sister a text asking about her water business. Oddly enough it was the same one she had mentioned to me a year prior. But at the time, I really had no idea what she was trying to tell me when she brought it up to me. So we got talking and I told her I was interested in exploring it further.

So far the process has been exciting yet so very scary and intimidating at the same time. I really had no idea how much work it would take to start a business from the bottom and everything that comes along with it. I mean I had some sort of idea…but I never fully comprehend just how much  patience, time and detail it would take until I myself had to do it. I now have a new found respect for entrepreneurs.

My biggest takeaways are that no matter where life takes you – hold onto the good people, you will end up needing them more than you know. Instead of competing with others, compete with yourself and never stop improving: work harder. Travel more, experiences far outweigh the value of any ” thing “. Your intuition will always tell you what you seem to already know. That ” spidey sense” is there for a good reason. Listen to it. Never be afraid to step outside of the norm and go where your heart is leading you. Never allow yourself to be pigeon holed into a place where you are ultimately unhappy and feeling unfilled. Your gut instincts will tell you whether or not it is right. Your heart will show you the light and lead you where you are meant to go. Go through the journey. Carve your own path. Most of all, stay true to yourself. Never compromise yourself to suit anyone else.

The best is yet to come.  =)

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